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Nanodiagnostics srl is a scientific consultancy firm operating in the medical, industrial and ecological fields. Its main activity is the survey, through an innovative technique of environmental electron-microscopy, of inorganic micro- and nano- particles in any medium (biological tissues, food, drugs, cosmetic products, environmental samples, etc.).
Nanodiagnostics certifies the absence of micro and nano-particulate pollutants in food by granting the "Particle free®" mark to manufacturers willing to submit their products to analysis and resulting free from particulate contamination.

Studies carried out by Nanodiagnostics principally use an ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope), an electron environmental scanning microscope modified for the purpose. This type of analysis gives the opportunity to observe biological samples in "wet mode", that is, in conditions of normal hydration under atmospheric pressure, without being dried or coated with materials making them electro-conductive.
Through the application of suitable protocols and their adaptation to virtually any sort of observation, all biological samples can be examined, including living cells without compromising their integrity, therefore allowing the possibility of repeated observations.
The main purpose of all Nanodiagnostics investigations, i.e. the detection of inorganic micron and nano-particles, is in all cases achieved without contaminating the sample.

An energy dispersion microanalysis (EDS, witch stands for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) completes the study. Through that technique the peculiar energy that the various elements which make up the sample can be assessed, as it return as X-rays after being hit by the electronic beam emitted by the ESEM and providing, in this way, the elementary chemical composition of the particle.

In this respect, it is possible to detect, photograph, measure and chemically characterize the inorganic nano particles of micro- and nano-metric dimensions in the sample, in a way which is neither invasive nor destructive, repeatable with the only exception of fluids, which are often impossible to recover.
These studies are primarily carried out on samples of biological origin, often biopsies, autopsies, organic liquids or food, though they can also be suitable for other kinds of materials such as environmental samples, drugs or cosmetics.
Because of the inorganic non bio-degradable nature of the particulate under examination, Nanodiagnostics can analyse it both in fresh and in archive samples.
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