What we do

Nanodiagnostics make electron-microscopy investigations on biopsy, post-mortem and surgical samples, environmental specimens, vegetables, food, drugs and cosmetics. Aim of the investigation is detecting the presence of solid, inorganic micro- and nanoparticles that can be the cause of pathologies (nanopathologies). [more...]

What are Nanopathologies?

Nanopathologies are the illnesses caused by inorganic micro- and nanoparticles that managed, through inhalation, ingestion or otherwise, to enter the organism and settle in an organ or in a tissue.
Three basic concepts are to be remembered:
1. Any high-temperature source forms particles.
2. The smaller the particle, the more easily it enters tissues and cells.
3. There are no known biological or technological mechanisms to get rid of particles once that have been captured by organs or tissues. [more...]